Veterinarian in Auburn, KS

Auburn Animal Clinic has been a staple of Auburn and the surrounding area for over 45 years. We take pride in being part of a rural community providing quality care that is also economical for your family. Auburn Animal Clinic is a full-service animal clinic and welcomes patients in need of routine medical, surgical or dental care as well as providing urgent care. Our veterinarian and staff are in the clinic 6 days a week to provide the services necessary to care for your animal. (We are unable to provide 24/7 overnight care).

Dr. Dallas Caster, Dr. Karma Loughney, and Dr. Anneta Caster have many years of experience providing routine wellness care as well as treating serious conditions. We believe the best veterinary care for our animals is healthy nutrition and prevention so becoming knowledgeable about preventative pet care is essential in the ongoing success of your animal’s health and happiness.

Veterinarian in Auburn, KS

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require appointments?

Yes, our veterinarian is generally booked for routine appointments about a week in advance. Surgeries are typically being booked about a month in advance. If you have an appointment with us and are unable to keep your scheduled time, please be considerate of others and call to reschedule so that someone else can use the appointment time.

There is the exception of emergencies and we will do our best to care for those when they arise.

As an animal owner how important is it to use only one clinic?

It is important to develop a relationship with the veterinarian and clinic. When you work with one clinic, they are able to best help you and your pet with reminders and treatments when needed. They are also more likely to be available in an emergency should you need them. If you use multiple clinics, we do not know the treatments your animal has received nor does the other clinic know what you may have received from us. Auburn Animal Clinic staff encourages you to schedule an appointment so we can get acquainted with you and your animals.

Do you provide boarding for my dog or cat?

Yes, we do! We provide Hill’s Science Diet canine or feline foods during their stay.

We have spacious heated and air-conditioned kennel runs and the dogs are walked three times daily while with us.

What kind of food should I feed my pet?

Our recommendation is to feed a nutritionally balanced food, that is salmonella tested, with stringent quality controls and sourced ingredients. Hill’s for example will reject a truck load of ingredients if it does not meet their standards. Inexpensive foods may not always meet these criteria or provide the nutrition your pet needs. We are here to assist you with any questions you might have.

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